Let's face it, people LOVE candles and will spend upwards of $20 on just ONE candle at a retail store. 

The Key West Candle Company Candles are highly fragrant, slow burning with little to no soot at all, and are hand-poured in small batches to ensure quality. Our candles are made in Old Town Key West, just steps away from Duval Street. And....our fundraising candles are just $18 each! BARGAIN!

When choosing a fundraising program, remember that your sales are likely to be HIGHER if you are selling a product that people actually love and are excited to buy. Typically, you'll find that someone will order a candle and hand the participant a $20 bill and tell them to keep the change simply because the funds are going for a good cause. That extra stays with your organization too! 


 The Key West Candle Company Candle Fundraisers are available to public and private schools, daycare centers, church groups, sports groups, or any other non-profit organization. Not sure if your organization qualifies? Contact us and let's talk about it! We can partner together to make your fundraiser easy, fun, successful, and profitable!


Set a Start Date

Contact us to choose a start date and let us know how many participants will be selling. Typically, organizations will take candle orders for 3-4 weeks. This time frame is called your "selling period". Choose a start date and selling period that does not coincide or interfere with any other big events your organization will be having. Assign ONE person to be in charge of the fundraiser. This can be a school administrator, booster club president, youth pastor, sports coach, etc. 



Take Orders

Orders are taken by your participants/students during the selling period and money is collected for each order at the time of the order.  Cash is accepted for payment and we can print a QR code on the order form for customers to scan and pay via debit/credit cards for their order. Checks collected will be made payable to YOUR ORGANIZATION.  Each participant is asked to try to sell at least 10 candles. Some will not sell a single one, but another may sell 40 all by themselves. However, 10 candles per participant is always the minimum target goal. 


 At the end of your designated selling period, you keep your portion of the fundraiser sales! It's such a FAST way to raise money! The orders are turned into us via the FINAL ORDER TALLY SHEET. The person chosen to be in charge of your fundraiser will be the one to fill out the FINAL ORDER TALLY SHEET that we provide. They will sign off on the sheet and have a second person sign off on it as well. That ONE form is the ONLY form we will receive from you after your selling period, along with a check for the remainder of the money made payable to KEY WEST CANDLE COMPANY, LLC. DO NOT SEND US all of the individual forms/orders from each of your participants. 


Turn Around Time

Once we receive your FINAL ORDER TALLY SHEET, we will get to work hand-pouring each and every candle you've sold. Depending on the size of the order, we will have your candles ready within 2-4 weeks. Once you have your candles, it is your responsibility to sort the orders and get them to your participants. Candles will be in boxes with one fragrance per/box unless otherwise noted. 



What are the profits?

Key West Candle Company Fundraiser Candles are a 9 oz  size, burn for 120 hours and are $18.00 each. Your organization will keep $6.00 for every candle sold!

Below is an example of the funds that your organization can raise if each participant is asked to sell just 10 candles each. Imagine if you set a goal to have them sell 20 each! 

If 300 participants sell 10 candles each, you profit $18,000

If 200 participants sell 10 candles each, you profit $12,000.

If 100 participants sell 10 candles each, you profit $6,000

If 50 participants sell 10 candles each, you profit $3,000


Contact us today to start your fundraiser.