Founder and CEO of, Deejay a 3rd generation Florida native. Growing up in a small town north of Tampa, FL, she spent her summers boating, fishing & playing at the beach. As an adult she holds on to those childhood memories. 
 After her Husband Captain Tyler and Deejay had moved to Key West, she realized one of her favorite candle broke in their move. A devastating blow. It was that one scent that reminded her of home.  After searching high and low all over the Island she couldn't find a candle that smelled like it. 
The light bulb moment happened. 
She began making candles that would honor the joys of southern living and provide a creative outlet for her sense of nostalgia.
Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she decided this could be a great business. Test batch after test batch, she finally perfected candle making. Using only the finest ingredients, Premium Soy Wax & Wicks.

All of her scents are named after some of her favorite places, things in and about Key West and Florida. She wanted to bottle up those amazing memories, to be able to bring a little bit of the island state of mind to all of her customers homes.
She now is working with retailers up and down the Florida Keys and ships in Nationwide. 
Light up one of her candles, sit back, relax and let the memories of good times fill your home.