Who is Sloppy Joe?

"Sloppy Joe's" in Key West refers to a historic and iconic bar and restaurant located on Duval Street. It's known for its lively atmosphere, live music, and connection to the literary legend, Ernest Hemingway.

The original Sloppy Joe's Bar was established in 1933 by Joe Russell, also known as "Sloppy Joe." Russell was a friend of Ernest Hemingway, and the bar became a favorite hangout for the famous author during his time in Key West. The establishment became a gathering place for locals and tourists, and its reputation grew over the years.

In 1937, the original location of Sloppy Joe's had to move to its current location at 201 Duval Street due to a rent dispute. The bar has since become a Key West landmark and a popular destination for visitors seeking a taste of the city's history and vibrant atmosphere.

Sloppy Joe's is known for its casual setting, signature drinks, and the celebration of events such as the annual "Papa" Hemingway Look-Alike Contest, where contestants compete to resemble the famous author. The bar features memorabilia, photographs, and a lively ambiance that pays homage to its historical significance and the connection to Hemingway.