Does Key West Get Hurricanes?

Yes, Key West, like many other locations in the Atlantic hurricane basin, is susceptible to hurricanes. The hurricane season in the Atlantic typically runs from June 1st to November 30th, with the peak of activity occurring from August to October. Key West, being situated in the Florida Keys, can be at risk of hurricanes or tropical storms during this period.

The vulnerability of Key West to hurricanes is due to its geographical location and the fact that it is surrounded by warm waters, which provide the necessary conditions for the development and intensification of hurricanes. Residents and authorities in Key West and the broader Florida Keys area are well-aware of the hurricane risk, and preparations are made each year to ensure the safety of the community.

It's important for residents and visitors in hurricane-prone areas like Key West to stay informed about weather forecasts, adhere to evacuation orders if issued, and have a preparedness plan in place. Building codes and regulations in these regions often include measures to enhance the resilience of structures to withstand hurricanes. Emergency management authorities work to provide timely information and guidance to help the community prepare for and respond to hurricane threats.