Are Key West Chickens Protected?

Yes, the chickens in Key West, Florida, are protected by local laws and regulations. The city of Key West has a population of free-roaming chickens, and they are considered part of the community's character and charm. The chickens are descendants of birds that were brought to the area by early settlers and have since become a unique and iconic feature of Key West.

In 2004, the city passed an ordinance to protect the chickens. The ordinance regulates the care and treatment of the chickens and prohibits the harming, molesting, or killing of the birds. The law also addresses issues related to feeding, trapping, and relocating the chickens. Violations of these regulations can result in fines or other penalties.

The presence of these chickens is embraced by many residents and visitors, adding to the quirky and laid-back atmosphere of Key West. While some may find the crowing and clucking charming, others may see it as a unique aspect of the island's culture.

It's worth noting that efforts are made to manage the chicken population and address any potential concerns related to noise or public health. Key West has found a balance in preserving the presence of its free-roaming chickens while maintaining a positive living environment for residents and visitors alike.