About us

Key West Candle Company was born out of frustration. After my boyfriend and myself moved from Tampa to Key West we unpacked my favorite Candle. It was like unpacking a family member this was the scent that made our rental homes feel like a forever home. It was our scent. As my boyfriend unraveled my 3 sweater wrap around job, I saw the first piece of it. It was shattered, my heart felt the same way. Knowing the closest mall was over 3 hours away, I felt defeated. So I challenged myself. I was in a new city & we were starting a new chapter. I needed a new scent. 

So I peddled my way through old town, popping in and out of the boutique shops &  came up empty handed after about 10 shops. So defeated once again, I settled and went to the Drug Store on the corner of Duval Street. I finally spot the home section, they had two scents. Mango which should have been named  Duval Throw up, and Douglas Fur which could have been named dirt and you would not have know the difference. I decided thats it I am switching to plug-ins forget candles. But the plug-ins gave me insiane headaches. I did a little research on them, the amount of harsh chemicals in them is mind blowing. 

The light bulb moment.. I was sitting on our porch thinking to myself, how hard could it be to make a candle? Well it is 2019, where do you go to learn anything? YOUTUBE. I spent the next 4 months researching wax, wicks, & scents.  After traveling back to Tampa & sharing this new idea I had of making candles my boyfriends Aunt asked what I was going to use for glass. I put some thought into previously & I told her I wanted to use Amber colored glass but its really expensive. She told me I should use Liquor bottles instead! In that moment I felt like my life flashed before my eyes. Genius! 

If Key West is known for anything its a Drinking Town with a Drinking Problem. You cant walk more than 10 ft on Duval Street without walking in front of a bar.